Struggling to sell the house you just listed? The real estate market is saturated with offers and the competition is steep. There’s an easier way to attract attention! Agents can draw consumer interest with the right social media strategy. Consider these critical best practices…


Build a Facebook Page

Create a page exclusively for posts that showcase beautiful properties near your location. Post pictures at closings with happy clients, make videos of home walkthroughs (like a virtual open house), and celebrate client milestones like an offering on a home getting accepted or a client’s home getting multiple offers within 2 hours of being listed online.  All of this is a quick, free, and easy way to help you build credibility and help you stay top of mind with social media followers.

Run Social Media Ads

Generate interests and build leads with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest ads.  All of these platforms also allow you analytics showing you how much traction/clicks you’re getting from each ad, so you know where you money is being best spent.

Give YouTube Tours

Buyers browsing the internet are attracted to video presentations with strong calls to action.  Give home virtual home tours!  This allows a detailed view of the home for potential buyers and shows potential sellers that you go above and beyond for your clients!

Be the Educator

Create social media content around a variety of topics to help buyers and seller. These topics can include information about credit score, how to get pre-qualified, staging a home for sale, benefits of owning over renting, and much more! Be the information source your buyers need to better understand the home searching process.

Use Local Hashtags

Local leads are premium leads, so use hashtags that connect with listings and local landmarks.  Hashtags make a big difference and can help link you with other local professionals and get you more publicity by your post showing up in more searches.  Find out the hottest hashtags in your city and use them when it makes sense.


The power of social media can do wonders for your profile. Use it to your advantage. If your marketing strategy needs a tune-up, contact the experts at HomeVantage today!


Written in partnership with Abstrakt Marketing