We know that buying a home is a substantial expense. All the more reason to work with professionals and ensure you get the type of home that you’ll be happy with for years to come. There’s long been a debate between the advantage of renting versus the benefits of owning your own home. Even in today’s market, we believe owning far outweighs renting, and here’s why!

Putting Down Roots – Don’t underestimate the emotional value of putting the work into making a house a home. The joke of the millennial generation is that couples want to buy a home just so they can have a yard for their pets. But isn’t it the truth??

Financial Investment – After you pay it off, you’ll own your home free and clear. You can sell it or live mortgage free. These days, financial freedom is a goal that so many work towards. Why not take the next big step by putting your monthly rent into something that can build equity over time?

Living in Stability – When you own your home, no one is going to raise your rent or sell the property to a new owner. You know what expenses to expect each month and can better budget for unknown expenses like household maintenance or appliance replacement.

Make It Your Own – Unlike renting, owning allows you to make all the modifications you want to your home. Always dreamed of gold hardware and sage green cabinets? You can have all of that and more! In apartments, there is little to no flexibility on customizations, but with a home, the possibilities are endless. Change appliances, paint the walls or even tear them down, the choice is yours!

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Written in partnership with Abstrakt Marketing