When you’re trying to grow your business, a strategic partnership is useful no matter when it’s established. These partnerships can be minor or major depending on the nature of the function and services. There are plenty of steps to take that help make these partnerships work for you, but the most important ones involve how you present yourself.  Follow these tips below on how to prepare and make a good impression when trying to form partnerships.

Prepared Partnership

  • Organize – Before you even hit the starting line, make sure your selling process is running smoothly. When you add a partner, you want it to add to the process too, not detract.
  • End Goal – What do you want to get out of this partnership and in what timeframe? Especially in real estate or mortgage, have an idea how many leads you plan to send your loan officer partner and set clear expectations of the kind of customer service you want your clients to receive.
  • Research – Never enter a partnership without doing your homework. Read up on the mortgage company that your partner works for, see their core values and what’s different about their company versus the competition.
  • Communicate – Silence kills projects faster than poor results, so keep an open channel with your partners! We can’t emphasize this enough, allow both sides to set clear expectations of service and allow open communication across the board.


After you have established good communication and trust, you will start seeing some of the business benefits of a partnership too.

  • Dependability – Know that your partner will take good care of your referrals.
  • Co-Branding – HomeVantage offers a wide range of marketing materials, some of which are customizable to add business partners information, so their services can be marketed as well.
  • Co-Hosting Events – There are so many opportunities to give back, but sometimes it’s overwhelming to do a drive or fundraiser all by yourself.  Having a partner can help you spread the word, expand your operation, and make your drive more successful! Even co-hosting an open house will make the process much easier.
  • Expert Advice – Since partnerships involve specialties in different fields, having educated partners will provide you and your clients resources on topics that may not be comfortable or capable to educate them on.  Having partners allows you to “bring more to the table”. Borrower has a mortgage question you can’t answer? Time to tag in your partner!


Consistent communication and careful collaboration will take you far when you partner with HomeVantage. Get everything you want out of the partnership and more. Call us when you’re ready to join forces with an experienced HomeVantage Mortgage Banker!


Written in partnership with Abstrakt Marketing